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Does Your Startup Practice Need Healthcare Consulting?

San Antonio, TX is known across the country as a hub for rapid development and research in the healthcare industry. Along with its notoriety as a leader in research, San Antonio is also home to many private healthcare practices in a variety of specializations. As technology and healthcare continue to merge there will always the need for practice evaluation and the adoption of more efficient logistical procedures and tools. At Concordis we’ve made it our mission to be the number one full service healthcare consulting firm in San Antonio by offering a complete scope of consulting services including:


Entity Structure

Whether you’re starting your own practice, purchasing an established practice, or merging your practice with another group, at Concordis we’ll make sure you understand the implications your entity structure will have on your business.

Business Plan and Pro Forma

A medical practice business plan is the foundation for the success of any practice, small or large. Concordis will help develop and implement a customized plan just for you.

Practice Location and Layout

Remember, when it comes to real estate – location matters every time. Make sure that you’re opening up in a city or neighborhood that will make you see the greatest success. We’ll even help you with the interior layout of your practice.

Payer Identification Numbers

We’ll help you take a look at all those medical practice insurance contracts before you sign the dotted line. See which patients make up the bulk of your practice and their respective insurers to help guide your decision making.

Hospital privileges

Many insurance companies require Medical Practices to hold hospital privileges as a prerequisite for joining their medical network. Concordis will help you throughout your Credentialing and Privileges determination.

Malpractice Insurance

Choosing malpractice insurance is not something you want to take lightly. There are many policies with significant differences. You don’t need the cheapest plan, you need the right one.

Equipment Selection

Use technology to streamline your practice and attract patients. Whether purchasing or leasing medical equipment, Concordis will help you obtain the necessary tools that will help you deliver outstanding service.

Fee Schedule

Want to become more profitable but don’t have the room to cut expenses? Setting and maintaining appropriate fee schedules for your practice can help you achieve just that.


The physician credentialing process is time consuming, requiring tedious and often complex navigation of payer networks that can take up to 120 days for processing. Concordis will take care of the credentialing process so you can devote your valuable time to your patients.


You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Let us bring you the peace of mind that comes with increased efficiency and maximized cash flow.

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