Human Resource Management

Your pay and compensation must be competitive with other medical practices in your area.

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Improving Employee Retention

Staff development is an important aspect of medical practice management to ensure he/she is current on the changes that regularly occur. You need to ensure your manager has the skills necessary for the position in order for him/her to be a successful leader.

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Financial Management

There are several reports that your CPA/Bookkeeper should provide you each month, as well as practice management reports from your medical practice manager.

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Operations Management

Keep your managers in their office and conduct conference calls.

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Medical billing has become extremely labor intensive over the years. The only way to keep up is to have enough staff to work the claims rejections and denials frequently. Your AR reports should be reviewed to determine if there is a trend or recurring issue with a payer so this can be resolved quickly. You can also consider outsourcing your medical billing to a qualified billing service, such as Concordis.

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Especially for Physicians

Yes, we can do as much, or as little as you need us to do. There are many tasks to complete before you can open your doors and they should be completed in a certain order to ensure all tasks are completed before you are ready to see patients. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Practice Managers wear many “hats” in a small office. The amount of time they have to spend on higher level management tasks could be minimal because of daily tasks that must be performed. This could mean you are paying a higher salary for an employee who is doing lower level tasks. If you are a small medical practice, you should consider an Interim Practice Manager who can take care of the higher-level tasks in a predetermined number of hours per week based on your needs. Concordis offers interim practice management services and we are happy to meet with you to discuss if this service is right for your practice.

Your Practice Manager is the key non-clinical person to ensuring the practice is operating efficiently and cost-effective. Whether the Practice Manager resigned, or if he/she was terminated, there is a list of items you should complete before your Practice Manager leaves the practice. The most important task is to protect your practice from possible harm and change all the passwords to any program your Practice Manager had access to. Concordis can assist you during the transition period. Contact Concordis today at 210-704-1014.

The answer depends on the payer as some require credentialing and some do not. It also depends on how much time has passed since the prior practice terminated the provider from their group. Regardless if credentialing is required again, the provider will need to be linked to the new practice’s Tax ID and possibly need to be contracted. Concordis offers credentialing and contracting services so contact us if we can take the worries off you and help with the transition.

We will help you establish, grow, or streamline your practice through our wide array of medical practice management consulting services.