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Medical Practice Hiring: 4 Approaches You Need to Change

Whether you’re opening your doors for the first time or have been in operation for years, making sure you have the right personnel on staff is critical to the success of your medical practice. As a practitioner who wants to continually excel, you desire to have the best people working alongside you. However, wanting something and being able to get it are often two different things.

Are you constantly in the state of hiring? Does your practice have a high personnel turnover rate? It’s important to find out why. Many times, the issues a medical practice faces can be avoided before they even begin. It all starts with your approach to the hiring process. Could you be making some of these mistakes?


Underestimating the Time it Takes

Depending on the position you need filled, the hiring process timeline can change. However the hiring process takes much more time than most assume. Many things need to happen just for you to be able to narrow it down to a short-list of potential candidates. From posting job positions online or in print, taking calls, answering questions, making time to conduct interviews, and reviewing resumes – finding someone to fill a previous employee’s shoes is no walk in the park.. Did you know it takes approximately 43 days to hire a staff member for your medical practice?


Doing the Hiring Yourself

A key to running any successful business is knowing how to hire staff. Your medical practice is no exception. Whether your practice manager or you are in charge of the hiring process, are you certain that you know how to identify the best office managers, medical assistants, receptionists, and coders?

You and your practice would be better served by spending more time with the patients that entrust you with their health – not taken up by job interviews. Delegate the hiring process to your practice manager.


Needing to Fill the Position Immediately

As previously mentioned, the hiring process averages 43 days. You should be ready to cover the vacant staff member’s responsibilities during the hiring process. When one person leaves your practice, it shouldn’t be a giant wrench thrown in your system. Having a staff that is cross-trained and ready to fill-in during the hiring hunt enables you to take your time finding the ideal candidate – not just the first warm body that walks through the door.


Not thinking Long-term

The direct consequence of being in a state of reactionary hiring is that you end up selecting a new employee out of the first few resumes you receive. This means you aren’t giving yourself time to think long-term in regards to the longevity of the new hire as it relates to your practice.

You need staff that will learn under you and stay with you for years, not just a few months. During the hiring process you need to make sure you’re only considering individuals that are going to be with you for the long haul. Only this dedication will help grow and sustain your medical practice.


Is it time to contact a professional recruiter?


It’s silly to keep doing the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result. Can your hiring methods be improved? A comprehensive practice analysis from Concordis can tell you that and more. Contact Concordis today for information regarding our direct hire services.

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