Medical Coding

Medical Coding Services

Medical coding is a critical step in the medical billing process. Untimely or inaccurate coding can lead to delays in claim submission, reduced or denied payment, or even complete loss of revenue.


At Concordis Practice Management our experienced medical coders are ICD-10-CM proficient through the AAPC and pride themselves on maintaining a high degree of accuracy and integrity. They will work with you and your staff to ensure that your work queues are current and that your office is in full compliance with coding rules and regulations.

Optimize your revenue and reduce your compliance risk. Contact us today to discuss your medical coding needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Coding Services

Every encounter is reviewed by certified coders

Minimize compliance risk

Eliminate employee related costs including recruitment, benefits, and training

Decrease administrative burden

Streamline processes and procedures

Maximize revenue

Don’t put your practice at risk of noncompliance and potential loss of revenue. Contact us today to discuss your medical coding needs.